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Budget Billing

If you’ve experienced a higher-than-normal bill due to severe weather in the winter or summer, A&N Electric Cooperative’s Budget Billing plan could help equalize your monthly bills. The plan is available to co-op members who have had abnormally high usage for certain periods of the year.

In the Budget Billing plan, your monthly bill will be the average of your previous 11 months’ usage, plus your current month’s usage. With each new bill, the oldest month’s usage will be dropped from the average and your current month’s usage will be added. A member on the Budget Billing plan will not make the same payment each month, but the monthly payments should not vary by a large amount.

To qualify, a member must live at their current location for at least the past 12 months and have established good credit with the cooperative.  You may not have more than two late payments in the past 12 months and a member’s current account balance must be $0, although exceptions may apply.

If you are interested in Budget Billing, return the Budget Billing Application Form (PDF) to the cooperative billing office or contact us for additional information. Our personnel will be glad to review your account for consideration.