Co-op Prepared, Continues to Monitor Florence

Co-op Prepared, Continues to Monitor Florence

A&N Electric Cooperative (ANEC) continues to monitor Hurricane Florence and is preparing for any severe weather associated with the storm.

While the center of Hurricane Florence is projected to make landfall near the North Carolina, South Carolina boarder, the effects of this massive storm will be felt locally.

The local area is still expected to receive some tropical storm force winds and moderate tidal flooding.

With recent heavy rainfall, winds and coastal flooding, the cooperative is anticipating some outages in our service territory associated with fallen trees and limbs.

ANEC crews have been briefed and are available to respond to any issues associated with the storm. The cooperative’s tree trimming and construction contractors are also prepared to respond to any outages caused by the storm.

“All of our crews will be ready at a moment’s notice to respond to any outages affecting our service area,” said Brian Charnock, Director of Operations and Construction Services. “We will continue to track the storm’s progress and will be ready to react to any changes in its projected path.”

If power should go out, please try to cut off heat pumps, electric water heaters and other major appliances so that load will not be excessive when lines are being reenergized. After power has been restored for several minutes, gradually restart only those necessary appliances. After about 30 minutes you should be able to return to normal operation.

Families who have special medical needs or elderly members should make plans for alternate arrangements in the event of prolonged outages.

For co-op members who use a generator, never run it inside your home or garage. Some produce carbon monoxide fumes, which can be deadly. Make sure your generator is installed properly so it does not backfeed into the cooperative’s distribution system. This can be extremely dangerous for linemen making repairs.

To report an outage, please call 757-787-9750 or use the cooperative’s SmartHub app. Live outage information can be found on our website Our outage map is also available on mobile devices. While the cooperative will post regular outage updates to social media, please do not report outages through social media. Instead, we urge our members to report outages by phone or through the app to the cooperative can better track those outages.

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