Energy Tips

Energy Tips

A&N Electric Cooperative promotes the efficient and safe use of electricity. The following information and links are intended to help you better understand how to safely and efficiently use energy. 

Please contact our Operations Department should you like additional information. 

The cooperative's HomeEnergySuite features a number of useful tools and information sources to help you become more energy efficient. 

In addition, these web sites provide a great deal of useful information: 


  • The Energy Resource Guide for Virginia provides Virginia's households, farms, businesses and industries as well as middle school teachers and students with an electronic tool that allows individuals to review an array of energy information quickly.
  • For over 16 years, Earth 911 has been the largest information source for recycling locations and environmental resources.
  • Energy Quest is the award-winning energy education website of the California Energy Commission, designed just for kids and teachers. Check it out!
  • Energy Savers provides homeowners with tips for saving energy and money at home and on the road. By following just a few of the simple tips found on this site, you can make your home more comfortable and easier to heat and cool - while you save money.
  • Call "Miss Utility" before you dig - a free service that notifies us of proposed plans so that our underground facilities can be marked and located.
  • Touchstone Home Efficiency Analysis Tool, plus lots of other resources for making your home more energy efficient.
  • Generator Safety - generators can protect you from the possibility of power outages but also pose serious safety hazards to you and to others. Learn more here.
  • Home Improvement Toolbox - lots of information to reduce energy costs, make your home more comfortable, and protect the environment.
  • National Safety Council - Chartered by Congress in 1953, The National Safety Council (NSC) is a nonprofit, non-governmental, international public service organization dedicated to protecting life and promoting health.

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