Members Helping Members


Members Helping Members, Inc. is a community non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and was established to assist families needing assistance in paying their electric service bills.

Thanks to our generous local community, over $414,000 has been applied to members' electric bills since 2009. Over 2,500 members are currently contributing over $3,000 monthly in amounts ranging from under $1, with our round-up option, to as much as $10. 

The Accomack and Northampton County Departments of Social Service determine qualified candidates for assistance in the program. To be eligible a residential co-op member or family must be at or below 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines; they must have a delinquent electric account of more than $50.

Applicants may be eligible for up to $250 in assistance. 

Applications for the program are accepted at either Department of Social Services on any Tuesday beginning at 8 a.m. in Northampton County and 8:30 a.m. in Accomack. Applicants must visit the Department of Social Services in the county in which they reside. Applicants also must bring a copy of their bill and verification of income to apply.

Applicants do not need to be in the Social Services system to apply for this program

A&N Electric Cooperative, in cooperation with Members Helping Members, Inc., secures funding through voluntary donations through the Cooperative’s electric service bills. Members of A&N Electric Cooperative who would like to donate to the program may do so by filling out the form below. By completing the form, the member authorizes the Cooperative to add the amount selected per month to their bills.

Please remember, your donation is tax deductible and one hundred percent of the funds collected goes to those in need. Members Helping Members, is a Community Concerned Organization. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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