Meter Schedule

Meter Schedule


Cooperative will upgrade to new meter technology to benefit members

A&N Electric Cooperative is in the process of upgrading its metering system to improve the reliability and efficiency of the existing electric distribution system and has now started the full deployment of its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system upgrade.

The cooperative began installing the AMI system’s network in July and will begin meter deployment in August. Meter exchanges will begin in southern Northampton County and will proceed northward. Members should expect to receive an automated phone call from the cooperative the week of their meter exchange. The meter exchanges will be performed by Allegiant Utility Services, a meter installation company contracted by the cooperative. Meter installers include Nathan Cantoni, Corey LaFaire, Eddie Obrian and Aaron Lipford.

Meter installers should be able to present photo identification that includes the A&N Electric Cooperative and Allegiant Utility Services logos and their vehicles should be marked with signage identifying them as working for A&N Electric Cooperative.

The upgraded meter system will enable the cooperative to perform several functions, such as reading meters, assisting with outage restoration and will support additional value-added services for our members.

A pilot phase of about 1,300 new meters was installed in the Onancock, Onley and Melfa areas. The cooperative completed a testing phase on this area before the decision for full deployment was made.

The upgraded system will lower the cost related to manual meter reading, which will contribute significantly to the financial return on the project. The new system will also reduce the cooperative’s carbon footprint by reducing the number of employee travel responses to meter issues.

The new meters will not affect co-op members’ kilowatt hour rate. 

Other benefits from the meters include:

  • Automated detection of outages
  • More accurate information about outages and restoration times
  • More information about your power use
  • Better detection of power theft
  • Will support and expand billing options

A&N Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit utility.  We are looking out for our members by investing in new technology to improve efficiency and reliability.