New Construction

New Construction

A&N Electric Cooperative will construct at no cost, up to 1,000 feet of single phase overhead distribution line to serve a new member-owner. A charge may be required for overhead line extensions over 1,000 feet. 

Underground distribution construction is considered a special service and therefore in most cases there will be a charge to the member-owner who wishes to have the facilities placed underground. Please contact our Engineering office to receive a quote on underground installation.

Deposits are generally required at time of connect unless the consumer has a prior good credit rating with us or can furnish a letter of satisfactory credit from their previous power supplier. Interest is paid on deposits at a rate determined by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Residential deposits are applied to your bill once good credit has been established for one year. Commercial deposits are applied after a period of two years. 

Right-of-way easements are a pre-construction requirement if necessary to build facilities. 

New Service Request
Contact our Engineering Department to request new service construction. Print and complete the New Service Request form and either mail, bring or fax it to our office. 

Load Letter
The Load Letter is used to communicate your load information to A&N Electric Cooperative. If instructed to complete this form  you may print it and either mail, bring or fax the completed form to our office.