Telephone Scam Alert Targets Co-op Members

Telephone Scam Alert Targets Co-op Members

A&N Electric Cooperative has received several reports that a phone scam is targeting co-op members in our service territory.

The telephone scammer contacts a co-op member claiming to represent the cooperative. The scammer then urges the co-op member to pay their bill right away or they will be faced with an immediate service disconnection. Members should also be aware that the scammers will direct them to use a fraudulent 1-800 number that contains a copy of an A&N Electric Cooperative recorded greeting.

Please be on the alert for this scam. While A&N Electric Cooperative may contact you by phone for various reasons, the cooperative will never call you to demand payment by a specific method or threaten an immediate disconnection of service if payment is not received.

If you have any doubt about a person's validity to represent A&N Electric Cooperative, you should hang up the phone and call the cooperative immediately at 757-787-9750 and an official cooperative representative will be glad to assist you.

Members are also urged to report the scam to the proper local authorities. 

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