Pay by Phone

Secure Payments/IVR System

Secure Payments/IVR System, our new automated payment system, is here! 

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) offers you a secure and convenient payment method by phone. 

With IVR you can: 

Pay your bill anytime Store payment information


These rate schedules have been approved by the State Corporation Commission of Virginia

The wholesale power supplier we purchase power from adds fuel charges and power costs which we must add to the A&N Electric Cooperative base rate. These extra charges are added on each kilowatt-hour for every member. They are collected from the members and passed on to the power supplier. None of the extra charges stay at A&N Electric Cooperative. 


The A&N Electric Cooperative Operations Department is responsible for maintaining reliable electric service for our members. 

The Operations Department also provides member information concerning conservation and safety programs. 

Please contact the Operations Department with questions and concerns about outages, tree trimming, maintenance of lines and right-of-ways, conservation and safety issues. 

New Construction

A&N Electric Cooperative will construct at no cost, up to 1,000 feet of single phase overhead distribution line to serve a new member-owner. A charge may be required for overhead line extensions over 1,000 feet.